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At Buttons & Bows the children’s overall health is very important to us and we feel that good nutrition plays a fundamental role in all areas of the children’s learning and development. It is imperative that children eat a varied, well balanced and nourishing diet which provides them with sufficient energy to get through a fun filled and busy day at nursery.

On the premise we have a qualified cook who prepares a hot, appetising and nutritious lunch each day for the children as well as preparing snacks for the morning and afternoon sessions. All special dietary requirements are catered for and the cook has a clear, precise list of all requirements and ensures alternative meals are provided.

Both snack times include fresh fruit and sometimes raw vegetables. Children are offered milk or water to drink at these times.

Lunch menus always include vegetables and/or fruit and children are given fresh fruit juice (50% diluted with water) to drink with their meal. Children Have their own water bottles which they have access to throughout the day.

Mealtimes are enjoyable for the children and provide them with a great social and learning experience. Staff sit and eat with the children encouraging them to be independent, try new foods, develop new skills as well as practice good manners.

Our menus are prepared in accordance with the new document just released “Setting the table” - Nutritional guidance and food standards for early years childcare providers in Scotland

Take a look at our current menu.

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